Our  “Gobi Khana” NGO was established in 2003 and have successful operation to serve society and provide and conduct a various types of training  for people in countryside to give them methods for self-employment.

Our mission is: To provide and conduct a various types of training  for unemployed people, to get them to participate in public activities such as planting trees, treating environment properly, and to give them opportunities to have jobs and profits.

Our moto is: ” SYNERGY” – “THE KEY TO SUCCESS”.

About our experiences: We have been organizing a various types of training

  • for the people who are living in poverty in Gobi Desert where unemployment, poverty rate is the highest
  • Korean language course for the people who want to have labor in Korea.
  • About “One tree, One life” program, 1000  elm trees have been planted by involving unemployed people in the Gobi Desert where the level of desertification is very high.

In 2006, “To protect spring water source” project was implemented successfully. Withing the framework of the project, metal fencing was installed around the spring in Algui Red Crack to protect the water supply.

                                           We are glad and looking forward to having a long term cooperation with any NGOs in the future.

Contact us:

Mobile: (+976) 99798047