Meals during the trip
Full package tour itineraries include full board which means breakfast, lunch and dinner. We cater for vegetarians and western style foods. We include drinking water during your trip.
 Mongolian Cuisine
Meat is the basis of the diet and directly from the domesticated animals such as cattle, horses, camels, yaks, sheep, and goats. Also includes a large percentage  of animal fat which is necessary for the Mongols to withstand the cold winters and their hard work.
1.    Buuz – Steamed dumpling
Flour dough, filled with shredded beef or lamb, cooked with onion, garlic and pepper, and then steamed.  These are eaten quite frequently throughout the year, but especially during the Mongolian New Year in February as a main dish.
2.    Tsuivan – A noodle stew
Noodles cooked with pork, beef or mutton and a dash of cabbage, onion, and carrots. The meatiness of the stew blends in with the unhampered flavor of the vegetables to create a unique taste.
3.    Guriltai Shul – Noodle soup
This traditional dish is basically mutton soup or stock served with noodles and veggies. The authentic recipe calls for fatty meat, though loin meat can also be used. The acidity of the soup, often prepared with curd made from yak’s milk, and the rawness of the mutton makes it a sinful appetizer!
4.    Boodog – A traditional roast
Whole goat, with fillings of hot stones, onions, and potatoes inside it, so that it is cooked within its skin. A very wholesome authentic Mongolian dish, having a meaty aroma and flavor.
5.    Suutei Tsai – Milk tea
 This is a traditional Mongolian milk tea. It consists cold water, salt, crushed green tea, milk.  Milk tea has many different tastes, depending on the province area you visit. Some people prefer to drink with a bit more salt and others prefer to drink it with less salt. milk tea is served with many meals and snacks in Mongolia.
6.    Tsagaan idee – Some traditional dairy products
Over the years Mongolian nomads have developed a number of unique dairy products, which are made in traditional ways and include different types of yoghurt, cottage cheese, dried curds and fermented dairy products. Milk and cream are used to make a variety of beverages.
7.    Airag – Airag
Airag is the traditional national beverage and made of mare’s milk during summer times  in Mongolia. It improves pathogenic microbes in your body and ensures good health if consumed in moderation.