Our company, “Hi Prince Tour”, a tour operator, travel company is  Mongolian Government registered with ITO 1167\C and recognized by  the Ministry of Roads, Transport and Tourism of Mongolia. It has started tourism business since 2006, with its high standard, Eco-friendly, safe, quality and educational travel services.  For our valued clients, we are warmly inviting you to beautiful national parks in every part of Mongolia such as Vulture Gorge and Khongor Sand Dunes  in South gobi desert, Kharakhorum-Ancient Capital City site, Khuvsgul Lake national park and more, which are main natural and historical wonders of Mongolia. After “Gobi Dinosaur” program implemented, there have been established tourism base areas of Mandal-Ovoo – Algui Red Crack in South Gobi province Since 2015.

We welcome you to our beautiful country, the world of magnificent landscapes, immeasurable spaces, unique nomadic traditions and amazingly friendly people.